Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grand Canyon Trip

Well, it has been a few weeks, but I thought I would tell you a little about our trip to the Grand Canyon. We took our 5th wheel and camped along the way. We spent about ten days totally enjoying Arizona. Now, I will tell you, that the part of Arizona we were in is DESERT!!! With the exception of Flagstaff (which I loved) our scenery was DESERT!!
We spent 5 days in Williams Az. the gateway to the Grand Canyon, even though it's maybe 60 miles away. Williams is a quaint little town on the old Route 66 Hwy. I guess I have to admit that it was a pretty little town. It had some trees surrounding it!!! The town itself is really a cool place to visit. Lots of little shops and many of the same store fronts from years ago.
We took the train into the Canyon from Williams. The train ride is over 2 hours long. The scenery isn't that great DESERT, but there was some entertainment on the train and the anticipation of seeing the canyon for the first time made it loads of fun.
Seeing the canyon for the first time is an amazing experience. You can't really see much of it until you walk up to the rim. so it's an OMG moment!!! We spent two days there, we drove back the second day and I liked the views much better that way. It's is a spectacular place and somewhere everyone should visit at least once. There's a lot of history there and the park does a great job of making that history available to you.
After visiting the canyon we camped at a place not too far from Sedona for a couple of nights. We went into Flagstaff, Sedona and a wonderful little place called Jerome. Jerome is an old copper mining town. It's a ghost town (their descripton) and haunted!!!! We walked around this wonderful city up on the side of a mountain and then visited an old "junk yard." It's more of a museum for old cars, trucks, tools, and mining equipment. That was very interesting. I really loved all the artwork and handcrafted items in the shops. The last couple of nights was spent in Mund Park near Flagstaff. I think that's where I got the 39 bites on my legs, but I can't be positive!!!
Great fun!!!

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Pretty Things said...

Awesome photos -- and the "American Picker" in my loves that first one in particular!